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Bayou Boogaloo Music Festival

The daily schedule is out! What days will we see you on the bayou?

Friends of Bayou St. John

Get to know us a bit in this Biz New Orleans special non-profit profile!

Giving Back Nonprofit

Membership - Friends of Bayou St. John

Support our beloved Bayou St. John year-round with a membership! Become a member of Friends of Bayou St. John for as low as $25. You can also join as a Canopy Club member and get three-days of VIP ... See more

Giant Salvinia Control Patrol - Bayou St. John

Happy Lent all! So much happened while we rested: Department of Fish went after the more difficult-to-reach Salvinia with the herbacide Clipper, and we had 3 WHOLE DAYS of the wonderful United ... See more

Bayou Boogaloo Music Festival

The 2019 music lineup is here, Boogalooers!

Featuring Tab Benoit, Cowboy Mouth, Amanda Shaw, Raw Oyster Cult, Angelo Moore and the Brand New Step, Shinyribs, Erica Falls, Debauche, Patrick Sweany ... See more

Giant Salvinia Control Patrol - Bayou St. John

The department of sanitation came for our giant mountain of Salvinia. Cuyler and the Hippo are out there making MORE MOUNTAINS!

Cleaning up invasive water plants in Bayou St. John!

We had a very succesful bayou clean-up this Saturday! THANK YOU to all the amazing volunteers that came out to help.

In the video, you'll see Innovative Aquatic Solutions doing the dang thing ... See more

Need some strong backs at Filmore and Wisner until 5pm today. Please come

GIANT SALVINIA CONTROL PATROL is out here working hard to get the bayou cleaned up!

IN NEED OF A FEW EMERGENCY TOOLS! fishing nets, ideally with a 5 foot handle. Pool nets will also work!

These ... See more

Invasive Water Plants Update!

According to the Louisiana Department of Wildlife and Fisheries, there is a 3 prong approach to managing giant salvinia:

1) Herbicides (Diquat and Glyphosate for ... See more

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